Large brush in nylon, with plastic or wooden block and iron claw. Ideal for cleaning large surfaces, floors, grass, concrete or wooden floors.



Nylon Brush

escovão nylon


19002 – Nylon brush 30cm

19001 – Nylon brush 40cm

Pack: 6 un

Nozzle Brush with Plastic Stump

Escovão nylon cepo de plástico


19015 – Nozzle Brush 30cm with Plastic Stump

19016 – Nozzle Brush 40cm with Plastic Stump

Pack: 12 un


Nylon Brush with Iron Claw

Escovão Nylon c/garra de ferro


19011 – Nylon Brush 30cm with Iron Claw

19010 – Nylon Brush 40cm with Iron Claw

19012 – Nylon Brush 50cm with Iron Claw

Pack: 12 un

When sold with a cable, the cable measures 1.20m.

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