The Manuel Jacinto of Martinha & Filhos, Lda group comprises three brands: Markasa, Marmarket and Marturf.

Markasa is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of brushes and utilities for the home, as well as the sale of tapestries and textiles.

We work daily to increasingly enrich our product offering, thus reaching all types of customers and their respective needs.

Marmarket is a store dedicated to the online commerce of products from the Martinha & Filhos, Lda group. We manufacture products in the area of Tapestry and Textiles and we work with the highest quality of them, defining a competitive position in their price / quality ratio.

Marturf is a brand dedicated to the online trade of artificial grass and industrial carpets. We will meet your garden and outdoor needs for your home or business.

The products are sold in rolls of various sizes.